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Featured: Jyoti Sarolia on LongLiveLodging Podcast

February 07, 2019
Category: News

In this 40 minute podcast in collaboration with LongLiveLodging, Sarolia dives into her goals as a hotelier. She details the importance of communication throughout all team members at every level of production. She also goes on to mention the amount of dedication and passion for the hospitality business that her entire family has, something that Sarolia feels has contributed greatly to the success of the business. She explains that her creation of Ellis Hospitality was not only a tribute to her lineage but also a look to the future of the industry as a whole.

When questioned about her experience in becoming the first female chair of the Choice Hotels Owners Council, Sarolia mentions that she feels highly validated within her professional skills upon being elected by her esteemed peers and colleagues for the position. She goes on to mention that being able to create diversity in the hospitality industry and to help pave the way for women in that sector has been an immense accomplishment for her, and details that this diversity is something that she hopes to continue to foster and inspire.

Sarolia also went on to reference her success within AAHOA and her continued growth throughout the organization. She talks about her drive to continue to create awareness and advocacy programs with the organization. Sarolia also mentions the way that advocacy is becoming more and more important as federal and state regulations continue to be imposed on the hospitality industry. 

Check out the podcast and the rest of the article here.