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July 22, 2022

Jyoti speaking at U.S. Senate Hearing; Empowering Workers in a 21st Century Economy

Jyoti Sarolia spoke at a recent Senate Committee hearing on the subject of “The Right to Organize: Empowering American Workers in a 21st Century Economy.” Learn more about her involvement, see the full video. ...
Open Opportunity
February 01, 2022

Open for Opportunity: In pursuit of the American Dream

Jyoti Sarolia spoke for an Open for Opportunity episode, sharing her journey through hospitality for her quest to achieve “The American Dream.” See a sample from the full video. ...
February 24, 2020

Jyoti Sarolia: Featured on the Cover of Asian Hospitality Magazine

Jyoti Sarolia was featured on the cover of Asian Hospitality Magazine where she was credited with honoring her family’s past while working to move her company into the future. Within the article, Sarolia is credited with building a better future for women all across the hospitality and corporate industries. Sarolia credits her drive for a better future as a way to honor her children. She also takes care to detail the abundance of opportunity and support that she’d had from her family...
March 13, 2019

Jyoti Sarolia: Pushing the Boundaries of Design

In an interview with some of the top members of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, Boutique Design worked to ask members vital questions on the future of branding and design within the hospitality industry. Jyoti Sarolia was one of many members honored in the interview.  When asked about what design currently means in the hospitality industry, Sarlia mentioned that “80% of midscale owners will stick with the brand because, simply, it’s easier. However, if a designer i...
February 07, 2019

Featured: Jyoti Sarolia on LongLiveLodging Podcast

In this 40 minute podcast in collaboration with LongLiveLodging, Sarolia dives into her goals as a hotelier. She details the importance of communication throughout all team members at every level of production. She also goes on to mention the amount of dedication and passion for the hospitality business that her entire family has, something that Sarolia feels has contributed greatly to the success of the business. She explains that her creation of Ellis Hospitality was not only a tribute to her ...
December 21, 2018

HNN Tribute: The Mother – Daughter Duo Who Shaped A Major Management Company

In a tribute article by Hotel News Now, Jyoti Sarolia and her mother Savita Patel detail their work managing the family hotels and growing their business in new and innovative ways. As current COO, Sarolia is currently in the process of facilitating these changes as she works to help Ellis Management transcend the hospitality industry and take on new ventures. The HNN article works to detail the family’s humble beginnings, particularly the hard work of her mother. Patel details her childh...
October 16, 2018

Jyoti Sarolia at Today’s Hotelier Roundtable

At the AAHOA headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Today’s Hotelier was proud to host its first ever hospitality industry round table. During the round table, the publication was able to sit down with some of the industry’s most esteemed professionals and talk about some of the most important questions plaguing the industry today. Among those professionals was esteemed hotelier Jyoti Sarolia. The interviewers with Today’s Hotelier looked to these professionals when asking an abun...
Hotel Business
April 22, 2018

Jyoti Sarolia: AAHOA Honoree

In an article by Hotel Business, Jyoti Sarolia was among many professionals in the hospitality industry to be honored for their achievements throughout the year. The article works to show appreciation to professionals in the hotel industry that have made a large impact on the industry and have continued to strive to improve both themselves and their businesses. Sarolia is honored amongst other accomplished individuals in the industry including Sunil Tolani, Ankit Panchal, Alex Patel, and several...