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Jyoti Sarolia: Pushing the Boundaries of Design

March 13, 2019
Category: News

In an interview with some of the top members of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, Boutique Design worked to ask members vital questions on the future of branding and design within the hospitality industry. Jyoti Sarolia was one of many members honored in the interview. 

When asked about what design currently means in the hospitality industry, Sarlia mentioned that “80% of midscale owners will stick with the brand because, simply, it’s easier. However, if a designer is willing to go to bat for an owner, there’s a chance value can be added by hiring a firm.” In this statement, Sarolia details where the future of designing and branding in the hospitality industry may go and touches on the importance of diversity amongst a crowded field. 

Sarolia was one of many innovative and accomplished AAHOA members to be called upon for this interview. Along with her esteemed colleagues, Sarolia pushed the importance of innovation in an industry that is working to look to the future. As Sarolia continues to help her company Ellis Hospitality make waves in the industry, branding is just the beginning of the many great innovations to come.

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