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Jyoti Sarolia: Featured on the Cover of Asian Hospitality Magazine

February 24, 2020
Category: News

Jyoti Sarolia was featured on the cover of Asian Hospitality Magazine where she was credited with honoring her family’s past while working to move her company into the future. Within the article, Sarolia is credited with building a better future for women all across the hospitality and corporate industries. Sarolia credits her drive for a better future as a way to honor her children. She also takes care to detail the abundance of opportunity and support that she’d had from her family regardless of her gender.

The article in Asian Hospitality Magazine goes on to highlight Sarolia’s dedication to continuing to grow the business that her great uncles started decades before. The interview also takes a deep dive into the origins of the company as we learn that even the name of Ellis Hospitality is a tribute to her family’s journey to America through immigration at the iconic Ellis Island in New York.

The comprehensive article details Sarolia’s goals for the future and her ambitions of moving beyond the hospitality industry. In partnership with her Vice President of Operations Ken Westmyer, Sarolia looks to expand into the sectors of third party management and continue to hone in on the prospect of investing in “recession proof” ventures.

Learn more about Sarolia’s story in the full article .